Bulk Mastercard Reward Cards

Customize with Your Brand

Custom Designs
Personalize with your logo or unique design.

Same Day Shipping
Printed and shipped same-day inside our own fulfillment facility.

UV Sanitized Packaging
All outgoing packages are cleaned with a UV light.

Instant Delivery
Eco-friendly Mastercard Virtual Rewards are sent instantly via email.

The Perfect Gift:
Visa or Mastercard reward cards for your employees or clients.

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They will never forget your business or brand when you put your logo on one of our pre-designed Mastercard reward cards.

Need custom reward cards in a hurry? Choose from our gallery of pre-designed Mastercard reward cards.

For ultimate convenience and accessibility, send a Virtual Mastercard rewards card to their inbox.

About Mastercard reward cards

Mastercard rewards cards provide a number of benefits to your recipient. They can be redeemed online, in-store and can be issued as a plastic or electronic card.

Ways to use
reward cards

  • Encourage employee engagement
  • Holiday or work anniversary gift
  • Promote wellness and safety programs
  • Incentivize survey participants
  • Thank clients or customers

What makes PerfectGift.com the right choice for your reward program?

Our selection, service, and value are unmatched. Discover what makes us stand out among the competition.


Personalize the message on your rewards, add your logo and select a pre-designed background.

Variety of denominations

Perfect for any size business, Mastercard reward cards can be loaded with $1 – $1,000.

Plastic and virtual

Select the reward card based on your needs when you deliver their gift digitally or in an envelope.

Convenient delivery

Orders can be delivered to your business or individually to your recipients.

Order online or by phone

Take advantage of our intuitive online ordering system or reach out to one of our incentive strategists.

Over 500 brands

Extraordinary selection is available. Choose from leading brands including Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.

Track your orders

Quickly and easily place new and repeat orders and see your order status.

Same-day shipping

Time is valuable. Choose same-day shipping on Mastercard and hundreds of plastic merchant cards.

Activate your card

Within minutes, reward cards can be activated and used for purchases.