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Standard plastic delivery is within 1-5 business days

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Frequently asked questions

How fast are brand gift cards delivered?

All merchant, store-specific gift cards may take up to 1-3 business days to print through our third-party provider. After the card is printed, it may take up 10-14 business days for the card to be delivered.

Is there a fee for brand gift cards?

Processing and customization fees do not apply to "merchant" or store-specific gift cards. The only additional fee would be a delivery fee (per card) for plastic gift cards. All merchant cards are printed and shipped separately. Delivery times will vary by merchant and are shown during the ordering process.

How do I use a brand gift card?

Cards from merchants such as Walmart, Target, Amazon, Starbucks are redeemable only at the retailer shown on the card.

Questions or support issues with these cards are provided directly by the merchant.

Most merchants provide online and telephone support for their gift cards with contact information available on the back of the card or online.

Some merchant gift cards are "multi-brand" and redeemable at a group of related stores. Examples include Gap, Darden, Brinker, Landry's, and 1800Flowers.

Do brand gift cards expire?

Store-specific or "merchant cards" generally do not expire.

Do I need to activate my brand gift card?

Merchant or store-specific cards do not require activation through