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Tools to support your program

Automate your employee recognition program or provide your customers a real-time digital gift code on your website when claiming their reward.

Pull a catalog of all available brands

Place an order for 1 to 10,000 cards at a time

Activate a card

Check your funding account

Receive tracking information

Control the branding experience from order placement through card delivery

Our customer service team is on standby to solve problems

Pull reward history, order history, invoices and more in real time

Our API, at a glance

Customize every detail to suite your needs

  • Hundreds of available brands including Visa, Mastercard & Amazon
  • Choose from physical or digital
  • Customize your card design
  • Send any quantity and denomination
  • Multiple activation options for Visa & Mastercard
  • Personalize each card with up to two lines of text
  • Select from a personalized tri-fold cardholder or greeting card
  • Ship directly to your recipients or in bulk to your office
In-house fulfillment

Same-day shipping

  • We have the only in-house fulfillment center in the United States.
  • Our print-on-demand solution enables you to personalize each card.
  • Place an order and it will be approved, printed & shipped within hours.
Unparalleled service

Work with our technical experts to learn how to automate your reward program

  • Orders are processed automatically (pending available funding).
  • Digital orders are available immediately.
  • Physical card orders of 2,500 or less are shipped the same business day if received by 2pm ET.

Testimonials from our API users

“As a small business owner, PerfectGift offers the type of quick turn arounds, reliability and professionalism I can rely on to keep things running smoothly for my own customers. From order placement to delivery, their employees deliver time and time again. Thanks!”

"Extremely easy and cost effective to acquire Visa cards to support my business. You guys executed on all your commitments and the entire process couldn’t have been easier for me. will definitely be the way I go from this point forward."

"The team was very reassuring about the gift card arriving on time. I have had four other orders (not for gift cards) that I have had to cancel because they were "delayed" and would not arrive before Christmas. In all of those cases, finding out the status of the orders was difficult. I will be happy to use again in the future."

Testimonials from our API users

"Such a quick and convenient way to send a gift that gives the recipient options on how they prefer to use it. Love that I can add a photo to it!"

"Such a quick and convenient way to send a gift that gives the recipient options on how they prefer to use it. Love that I can add a photo to it!"

"The service is great and when I had a question when redeeming with my card I got ahold of customer service right away and they fixed my issue. Couldn't ask for a better service!"

Over $170 million in card load

Join over 3,900 companies who send rewards with

With 99.99% same-day, error-free digital & physical issuance and 1 minute average response times from our sales team, it's no surprise we have a 70% repeat purchase rate from clients all over the nation.

Frequently asked questions

1What is the PerfectGift API?

The PerfectGift API is a software solution for large corporate incentive programs and strategic resale partners. Through our API, our partners can integrate nearly all of the PerfectGift product & service offerings into their own applications.

The API calls available enable you to:

  • Retrieve a list of all available products by brand, delivery type, denomination and more
  • Place orders for up to 10,000 cards at a time
  • Provide cardholder support including card activation & balance checks for open-loop (Visa & Mastercard) cards
  • Check the balance of your funding account
  • Receive tracking information

Click here to learn more about our API.

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1Does the API allow me to check the balance on merchant gift cards?

No. Balance checking for existing merchant gift cards is not available and typically the only way a cardholder can get the updated balance for their merchant gift card is through the merchant’s website or phone number directly.

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1How fast are orders delivered when ordered through the API?

Provided you have sufficient funds available in your account at the time of the order, digital products such as a Visa Virtual Card or an Amazon eGift card are delivered immediately.

Physical Visa or Mastercard Reward Cards are generally shipped the same business day provided the order was received before 3pm EST.

Physical merchant gift cards depend on the brand. Some brands are shipped within 1 business day and others within 5 days.

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1How do I get started with the PerfectGift API?

Simply fill out the form at the top of this page. One of our dedicated account executives will reach out to you with next steps.

Please note that all new requests for API access go through a thorough vetting process to understand your business and usage of our API.

In the meantime, feel free to browse our API documentation.

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