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Virtual rewards! Create a custom Mastercard or Visa virtual reward

In today’s world, people expect digital integration in all facets of their day-to-day lives—receiving and redeeming rewards are no exception.

Our digital rewards are delivered via email, and some can even be added to a mobile wallet. Customize these rewards with your branding and personalize with your recipients’ names and a brief message.

Ultimate Flexibility

Customizable, fast, & easy to send.

Denominations $1 - $1,000

Up to 10k for certain programs!

Can be used internationally

Recipients can convert to a physical card

Download links or let us handle delivery

Add your logo to the email

No shipping fees

Centralized ordering, reporting & tracking

24/7 customer service & dedicated account rep

Watch a demo

Over $170 million in card load

Join over 3,900 companies who send rewards with

With 99.99% same-day, error-free digital & physical issuance and a 1 minute average response times from our sales team, it’s no surprise we have a 70% repeat purchase rate from clients all over the nation.

Frequently asked questions

1What is is the newest, most revolutionary gifting platform available. We took the standard gift card model in a fresh and modern direction, and the result is a meaningful, fast, flexible and personalized way to send gifts compared to the standard gift card that has not changed since Blockbuster invented it in 1994.

With our proprietary platform, you can send personalized Visa gift cards, eGifts for top brands (coming in 2022!), OR take the stress out of choosing and let the recipient choose which gift they would like by sending The PerfectGift™ (coming in 2022!).

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1What is The PerfectGift™?

The PerfectGift™, coming soon in 2022, is the most flexible and personalized gift on the market. The recipient will start by choosing from our catalog of top national brands and over 35,000 local brands across the United States. Then, they choose their preferred way to use that gift. Either by activating the gift to their Visa, Mastercard or Amex, or choosing to use as an eGift. Alternatively, they can choose a plastic Visa gift card or cash out to their Venmo or Paypal account.

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1How can I customize a gift card?

Don’t send a regular outdated gift card that will just end up in a drawer! By creating and sending a personalized Visa gift card with a photo of your choice, you're giving a unique, thoughtful, truly one-of-a-kind display worthy gift. Choose to have it delivered in a free carrier, OR choose a trendy greeting card for only $1.50!

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1Can I order in bulk for my business?

Need personalized cards in bulk in a hurry? Choose from our gallery of pre-designed Visa & Mastercard reward cards or put your business logo on a co-branded reward card for instant brand recognition and incentive opportunities. Or, for ultimate convenience and accessibility go digital when you send a Virtual Visa or Mastercard.

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1What does offer to my business?

We print in-house

We have the only in-house fulfillment center in the United States.

Same-day shipping

Place an order and it will be approved, printed & shipped within hours.

Self-service portal

Free access to your own portal to place customized orders at any time.

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