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Gift Cards: What Employees Really Want This Holiday Season
September 2023 | PerfectGift Experts | 5 Minute read
'Tis the season of giving and spreading joy, and what better way to show your appreciation for your hardworking employees than with the perfect gift? Employee gift cards are not only a popular choice, but they also offer the ultimate flexibility, allowing your team members to choose something they truly desire. In this comprehensive guide, we'll unwrap the secrets to selecting the perfect presents this holiday season.

Whether you're a small startup or a large corporation, employee gift cards are a versatile and convenient option. With a wide range of choices, including popular retailers, restaurants, and online platforms, there's something for everyone. Plus, gift cards can be personalized to suit individual preferences, ensuring that each employee feels special and valued.
Benefits of Giving Employee Gift Cards Employee gift cards offer a myriad of benefits for both employers and employees. First and foremost, they provide a great way to show gratitude and recognize the hard work of your team members. By giving them the freedom to choose a gift they truly want, you're empowering them and making them feel valued.
Another advantage of employee gift cards is their versatility. With a wide range of options available, you can cater to the diverse interests and preferences of your employees. Whether they're a tech enthusiast, a fashion lover, or a foodie, there's a gift card out there that will make them smile.

Employee gift cards can also serve as a powerful motivator. By rewarding exceptional performance or achieving specific goals, you're not only recognizing their efforts but also encouraging them to continue giving their best
This can have a positive impact on morale and productivity within your organization. Types of Employee Gift Cards
When it comes to employee gift cards, the options are endless. From general-purpose gift cards that can be used almost anywhere to industry-specific choices, there's something for everyone. Some popular choices include:

1. Visa or Mastercard gift cards: Give the recipient the freedom to choose what they want and need. These gift cards can be used anywhere credit cards are accepted, and are a convenient and safe way to spread holiday cheer.

2. Retailer gift cards: These cards are perfect for employees who love to shop. Whether it's a department store, a boutique, or an online retailer, these gift cards allow them to purchase clothing, accessories, electronics, or any other items of their choice.

3. Restaurant gift cards: Treat your employees to a delicious meal by giving them restaurant gift cards. From fine dining establishments to casual eateries, these cards provide an opportunity for your team members to enjoy a night out with their loved ones.

4. Entertainment gift cards: If your employees are movie buffs, music lovers, or avid gamers, entertainment gift cards are a great choice. They can use these cards to watch the latest blockbuster, buy concert tickets, or purchase their favorite games and accessories.

5. Experience gift cards: Sometimes, the best gift is an experience. Consider giving your employees gift cards for activities such as spa treatments, adventure sports, or weekend getaways. These cards allow them to create lasting memories and unwind from the stresses of work.

How to Select the Perfect Employee Gift Card
Selecting the perfect employee gift card is a thoughtful process that involves several considerations. To make the right choice, start by familiarizing yourself with your employees' interests, hobbies, and preferences. This personalized approach reflects your appreciation for them as individuals.

Additionally, tailor the choice of gift card to match the occasion for which it's intended. Whether it's a birthday, work anniversary, or a holiday season, aligning the gift card with the specific event adds meaning to the gesture.

Set a budget for each gift card, ensuring fairness among employees. Remember, it's the thought behind the gift that matters most, and even a small token of appreciation can have a significant impact.

Lastly, consider seeking input from your employees if you're unsure about which gift cards to select. Conduct a survey or engage in an open discussion to gather their preferences. This not only helps you make an informed decision but also fosters a sense of involvement among your employees in the selection process.
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Tips For Personalized Employee Gift Cards
Personalizing employee gift cards can make them even more special and memorable. Here are some tips to help you add a personal touch:

1. Include a heartfelt note: Accompany the gift card with a personalized, handwritten greeting card, expressing your appreciation and gratitude. Let your employees know why they deserve this gift and how their hard work contributes to the success of the organization.

2. Tailor the gift card to their interests: If you know your employees well, you can select gift cards that align with their interests and hobbies.
For example, if someone enjoys cooking, a gift card to a kitchenware store or a gourmet food market would be a thoughtful choice.

3. Add a personal touch: Consider adding a small gift or token along with the gift card. This could be something related to their interests or a small item that symbolizes your appreciation. It shows that you went the extra mile to make the gift special.

4. Offer choices: If you're unsure about their specific preferences, consider giving them a choice of gift cards. This allows them to select the one that resonates with them the most.

By personalizing employee gift cards, you demonstrate that you value and appreciate your employees as individuals, not just as members of your team.

Employee Gift Card Etiquette and Best Practices
While employee gift cards are a wonderful way to show appreciation, it's important to keep some etiquette and best practices in mind. Ensuring fairness is key, so treat all employees equally by providing gift cards of similar value to prevent any feelings of favoritism or inequality within the team.

Respect cultural differences by considering your employees' backgrounds and traditions when selecting gift cards, ensuring they are inclusive and respectful of their beliefs.

Additionally, be mindful of personal circumstances that may affect the appropriateness of a particular gift card; for instance, if an employee has dietary restrictions, a restaurant gift card may not be the best choice.

Maintaining professionalism is essential. While showing appreciation and creating a positive work environment are important, avoid overly personal or intimate gift cards that may make employees uncomfortable.

By adhering to these best practices, you can ensure that your gift card program is fair, inclusive, and respectful of your employees' individual circumstances.

Employee Gift Card Program Ideas for the Holiday Season
The holiday season is the perfect time to spread some cheer and show your appreciation for your employees. Here are some employee gift card program ideas for the holiday season:

1. Secret Santa gift card exchange: Organize a Secret Santa gift card exchange, where employees draw names and exchange gift cards anonymously. This adds an element of surprise and excitement to the gift-giving experience.

2. Hold a gift card raffle: This is a simple and effective way to distribute gift cards to employees. You can give everyone a few raffle tickets, and then draw the winning tickets at a holiday party or event.

3. Host a gift card exchange: This is a great way to get employees involved in the gift-giving process. Have employees bring in a wrapped gift card, and then draw names to exchange gifts.

4. Give gift cards in a stocking: This is a festive and fun way to give gift cards to employees. Fill stockings with gift cards and other holiday treats, and then give them out to employees at a holiday party or event.

5. Create a gift card tree: This is a visual and creative way to give gift cards to employees. Decorate a Christmas tree with gift cards, and then allow employees to choose a gift card from the tree.
Remember to align your gift card program with your company's values and culture to create a meaningful and impactful holiday experience for your employees.

Conclusion: The Power of Employee Gift Cards for a Happy Workforce
Employee gift cards offer a unique opportunity to show appreciation, motivate, and create a positive work environment. By giving your employees the freedom to choose something they truly desire, you empower them and make them feel valued. Whether it's a holiday season or a special occasion, employee gift cards can make a lasting impression and contribute to a happy and motivated workforce.

PerfectGift can help you create a personalized and streamlined corporate gifting program for the holidays. Let us know how we can help, and happy gifting!