Deliver rewards instantly with a Virtual Mastercard.

Delivered electronically, a Virtual Mastercard reward card is a fast, reliable gift.

Virtual reward benefits

  • Works within your budget. Denominations range from $10 - $500.
  • Works within your budget. Denominations range from $10 - $500.
  • Eco-friendly. The reward is sent via email so there's not plastic gift card to ship.

How it works


Include a personalized message with every reward you send.

Easy to claim

Step-by-step instructions are included in the email, making it easy for your recipients to claim and use their gift.

Instant delivery

Pressed for time? Fast and secure, Mastercard Virtual rewards are delivered to your recipients in minutes.

Easy to use

Mastercard Virtual rewards can be redeemed online, over the phone, and for mail orders.

Your Virtual reward in action.

Create your account & place your first order.

After the free sign-up and a quick account activation, you’ll be able to place orders through our online portal anytime, anywhere.

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